Public Relations Case Study

WNC Real Estate


WNC Real Estate is a brand new local real estate company founded in 2019, representing aspects from all markets. The LComm team was challenged with creating public attention and putting the new firm into the spotlight, in light of the new partnership formed through the firm. In order to engage the general public and hype the announcement up without giving away the secret, LComm created a paid digital countdown campaign to create chatter online about what the announcement might mean to the area of greater Fort Worth. From there, once the announcement was officially made, we outreached to all of our local and regional media contacts to spread the word and kept the story in the local media for over 9 consecutive days. 

Our Duties:

  • Develop a plan to introduce the WNC brand to greater Fort Worth

  • Draft and write press releases announcing and introducing the new real estate partnership​

  • Pitch story ideas to local media for business stories

  • Develop messages and content for use

  • Target daily, digital, and lifestyle magazine publications

  • Identify interview opportunities

  • Launch announcement and engage with media representatives 

  • Assist in providing a strategic marketing plan

  • Provide guidance on and direction in the creation of brand standards

 Public Relations Case Study

Davey O'Brien Foundation


The Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award® is presented annually to the nation’s best college quarterback and is the oldest and most prestigious national quarterback award. The Davey O’Brien Award honors candidates who exemplify Davey O’Brien’s enduring character while exhibiting teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership in both academics and athletics. LComm Marketing was brought on board by the foundation to assist in public relations surrounding the national award. Challenged with the goal of creating a visible name for the 31-year program, the team focused on building on the success of an existing sustainable program, and utilizing past winners to demonstrate success.


In attempt to raise engagement levels from the both public, and football fans, we targeted individual markets of each semifinalist- focusing on areas surrounding universities and hometown market for each nominee. Messaging focused on the prestige of the award, influence of the award on college football, the mission of the foundation, the history of the ward, and the quality of past winners and the potential influence on future careers. The team aggressively dedicated efforts to pitching and developing story ideas to both local and national media, and were held responsible for any and all communications with the press and media. In addition to basis public relations, LComm developed an interactive display where consumers could register and vote for their favorite candidate for the award, and acted as the activation team for all media and consumer events. Through public relations, there was a direct result in enhancement of the award's presentation, therefore creating a demand for the award and building on a legacy.